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sewn scenarios
(limited edition)

6" x 6" paperback with 260 color pages.

sewn scenarios - ebook
the Ipad version contains bonus 
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sewn scenarios - ebook
for the amazon kindle and android devices.

i draw with a sewing machine to make custom patches inspired by people's imagination. 'sewn scenarios' is a collection of 181 patches and the stories behind why they were made. each design i sew is one-of-a-kind; i do not use a computer, template, or sketch on the fabric.


i use a portable sewing table powered by a solar panel and a bicycle that generates electricity to sew anywhere at anytime. since 2006 i have annually ventured on what i call "sewing tours" across the united states. my mission: to stimulate people's creativity and to demonstrate alternative energy sources.  

people have asked me to sew scenarios of their dreams, ‘defying gravity,’ and becoming one with their cello. i've sewn a memento for a marriage based on a $100 bill. some patches have been helpful signs: to warn against the danger of 'running with scissors' and a patch to let paramedics know 'do not resuscitate me.' i made a train emerging from a man's head to illustrate 'train of thought,' and multiple hands grasping the deck of a boat for 'all hands on deck.' many of my interpretations are humorous, but because i encourage people to concentrate their ideas, i've been compared to a therapist. 'sewn scenarios' is a collaborative work representing the imagination of the nation.