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P.Nosa Drawing with a Sewing Machine
a video description of drawing with a sewing machine
P N O S A   o n   i n s t a g r a m :
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‘singing-fish island’


'cow midwife'
sewn at the 1st friday artwalk in phoenix, arizona 11.4.2016


‘house on a tight rope’
sewn at the BICAS art auction 12.3.2016


‘rock'n roll bicycle unicorn’
sewn at the BICAS art auction in tucson, arizona 12.3.2016


'water collector'
sewn at the BICAS auction in tucson, arizona 12.3.2016


‘trees help the community to love’
sewn at the grand avenue festival in phoenix, arizona 11.12.2016.


"stitches worth a 1000 words"
sewn at the grand avenue festival in phoenix, arizona 11.12.2016.


#peace #patch


‘standing rock'
NO DAPL. respect the sioux tribe. keep it in the ground. protect our water.


'two ears'


'laying with a fish'
sewn on sewing tour 2016


'bag of bones'
sewn 2016


'canon a bike to space'
sewn on sewing tour 2016


'meeting in the chaos'
sewn on sewing tour 2016


'showing our inner selves'
sewn on sewing tour 2016


'bear drummer'
sewn mattress factory museum in pittsburgh, pennsylvania august 2015


life in a school bus
a solar powered mobile performance & recording venue:
two drum sets, bass, guitar, keys, & amplification. plus one dog. home since 2000.


"the social piano"
sewn on sewing tour 2016


a light animation music video for 'turtle muscle': a single from my upcoming album- all i kept within. filmed in pittsburgh, pennsylvania; new york city; moline, illinois; and tucson, arizona. featuring leila lopez on bass, justin donaldson on drums, and p.nosa on guitar & vocals.


"cat soaks dog"
sewn at love your neighborhood day in oakland, california 6.4.2016


detail of a drawing,
part of a music video for 'remember':
a single from my upcoming album - all i kept within. the video link:


"graduating from law school"
sewn at love your neighborhood day in oakland, california 6.4.2016


making a drawing with commentary on the artistic process:
how to begin, layering, color combinations, chaos, and being an artist in scotland.
original music: live drums playing with beatwave's electronic instruments. 


"lune drinking coffee"
sewn at #summerfest in milwaukee, wisconsin 7.3.2015


a still from the light-animation video remember:
a song from my upcoming album: all i kept within.
leila lopez on bass and justin donaldson on drums.


"play rehearsal led by african god"
sewn at chartreuse gallery in phoenix, arizona 6.17.2016


“separate oceans”
sewn in #sanfrancisco, #california (23” x 27” framed)


"catch 22"
sewn at the mattress factory museum in pittsburgh, pennsylvania 8.22.2015


drawing with pen and paper
san francisco, california 5.28.2016


"between a world of musical canines"
sewn in san francisco, california 6.7.2016


"a mini"
sewn at the mattress factory museum pittsburgh, pennsylvania august 2015


"walking my pet bear"
sewn at first friday art walk in oakland, california 6.3.2016


"birds on a bike"
sewn at maker faire in san mateo, california 5.22.2016


"biking in the ocean"
sewn at love your neighborhood day in oakland, california 6.4. 2016


"bear and bird sharing ice cream cone"
sewn at maker faire in san mateo, california 5.22.2016


“here we meet”
sewn while traveling with the tour de fat 2012


"sign language for: teacher"
sewn at chartreuse gallery in phoenix, arizona 6.17.2016


“tiki island dance party”
sewn at chartreuse gallery in phoenix, arizona 6.17.2016


"green hands"
drawing with a sewing machine without a computer, a hoop, or a template. powered by solar panel & a bicycle generator. (2014, 8" x 8")


drawing with a sewing machine
at the 1st friday artwalk in oakland, california
6.5.2015 (photo by geet govind das)


"wild exploring woman"
sewn at maker faire in san francisco, california 5.22.2016


"we always have each other"
sewn at the temescal street fair in oakland, california 6.12.2016


"leave yourself behind"
sewn at the exploratorium in san francisco, california 6.9.2016


“end white supremacy”
sewn at maker faire 5.22.2016.
confronting hatred with affection.


"dog swimming through egg"
sewn on valencia street, san francisco 6.11.2016


"unicorn lighthouse"
last patch sewn at maker faire 5.22.20


"misinformation diversion"
sewn at maker faire 5.20.2016.

i read about what happened at the nevada 2016 convention. two of these articles were written by people who said they were physically at the convention. the odd thing was: the two people had completely contradictory accounts of what occurred. i was essentially left without any way of knowing the truth.

for the media to create misinformation is a perfect way for corruption to divert the facts. these tactics could be as simple as a fictitious user creating comments to fill readers with doubt, or as insidious as a publication promoting its own agenda.

how can we accurately form our opinions?



"disintegrating man"
summerfest - milwaukee, wisconsin 7.2.2015


"bernie holding a bird"
sewn at the tucson library 5.6.2016


sewn in tallahassee, florida 9.30.2015


"octopus giving himself a heart transplant"
summerfest - milwaukee, wisconsin 7.3.2015


"friend needs a good decision"
sewn at maker faire - queens, new york 9.27.2015


"push me to the edge"
sewn at summerfest - milwaukee, wisconsin 7.3.2015


"following you into darkness"
sewn at the green market - milwaukee, wisconsin 7.18.2015


"naked with dead rat breath"
sewn at the 1st thursday artwalk - seattle, washington 8.2.2012


"dog eating outer space"
sewn at the american visionary museum (AVAM) in baltimore, maryland 8.28.2015



"street musician"
new orleans, louisiana 10.2.2015


"riding a wave of music"
sewn at the mattress factory art museum in pittsburgh, pennsylvania 8.22.2015


"not my circus not my monkeys"
milwaukee, wisconsin 7.3.2015


"underwater ghost bear"
NYC maker faire 9.27.2015


'xylophone roller coaster'
sewn at summerfest milwaukee, wisconsin 7.4.2015


'stars in our eyes'
sewn at summerfest in milwaukee, wisconsin 7.2.2015


'goose bumps'
sewn at the tucson open studio tour 11.14.2015


'drum circle'
sewn at the green market in milwaukee, wisconsin 7.18.15


'flying by the seat of your pants'
sewn in austin, texas 10.3.2015


'drumming in a sea of jellyfish'
sewn at the nyc maker faire 9.27.2015


'endless laughter'
sewn in tallahassee, florida 9.30.2015


"being kissed in a dream"
sewn in prescott, arizona 4.24.2015



'eating eating'
calling myself out on my redundant use of, "eating <insert anything>" as an example of a scenario.
aka: 'you are what you eat'


sewn at summerfest in milwaukee 7.3.2015


'underwater circus'
thread on fabric. four colors of thread
 are used in this piece: primary, light, and brilliant blues; with white. (10"x16")


"cool cats on a sunny fire escape"
interpreted at the mattress factory in pittsburgh, pennsylvania 8.2.2015.


"breaking through emotions"
sewn at the mattress factory in pittsburgh, pennsylvania 8.4.2015.


us, together
twenty minutes after arriving in madison, wisconsin i was approached by a girl who asked, "are you the guy who sews the patches?" she knew it was me because of the patches sewn all over my jeans.
her name was maison. i had met her and caleb, her boyfriend at the time, in milwaukee at the 2013 summerfest. they were on one of their first official bigger dates and they had asked me to sew "the two of us together." i sew'ed a silhouette of two people holding hands. i remember this scenario because it made it into my book. it occurred to me that one patch wasn't enough for a couple.  i made a duplicate patch - adding a hand waving gesture in the second one. i thought making a patch for both of them gave their relationship a fighting chance. when i handed her the paired patch i sensed a bit of apprehension that it implied their relationship was more significant than she had imagined.
two years later, on this random meeting, maison told me her and caleb were now married. they loved the patches and had kept them as mementos. they had interpreted the way i sew'ed her waving hand to be holding up her wedding finger. it added to all the little things that made their connection magical.
on their wedding day, caleb's grandmother sew'ed the patch on the inside of his tuxedo.


"no discrimination, all are welcome"
sewn at the tempe festival of the arts 3.28.2015


"my compassionate soul lives in music"
sewn at prescott college 


part of the arizona sewing tour: a bike store owner in cottonwood/sedona offered his metal lathe to fabricate the piece that connects to the bicycle electric generator.
the shop was amazing! 
the lathe was one of the most awesome machines to see in action. the guy, among many other things, is pretty eccentric. his house is the shop, his shower is in the kitchen. he makes knives that sell for $3000.


'my happy place'
sewn at the mill avenue festival of the arts.


a music video by christopher stevens, laura talarsky stevens, & p.nosa


"good elephant"
a scenario suggested by alok appadurai, the owner of fed by threads.
sewn during the 1st saturday artwalk, part of the arizona sewing tour.


"horse playing the saxophone"
a patch sewn in sierra vista for the arizona sewing tour.


"be buffalo"
sewn at the 1st friday art walk in phoenix, arizona


"censored sex"
sewn in yuma on the arizona sewing tour.


"fishbowl for a head"
scenario patch from the arizona sewing tour in yuma.


Music video featuring Rhod Lauffer & Chris Stevens.


child master

tucson, arizona - 2014

at a recent pumpkin carving, i noticed a child’s jack-o-lantern. in his design i saw so many interpretations: there was what looked like a large moon that surrounded what could have been a house with a slanted door. the windows could have been hearts, a tiny bear, clouds, or any number of other things. i starred at the pumpkin for a long time. i was mesmerized by how a child had carved this captivating work of art.
this is my drawing representing his jack-o-lantern, and my own impressions on how art hinges on that of a child or a master.


infinity ahead

san francisco, california - renegade craft fair - 2012

one of my favorites from 'sewn scenarios'



venice beach, california - 2008

perhaps with the help from a mythical sea creature, fishtown can be saved. (a character from 'sewn scenarios')


mister trout pants & his paddle bike
even in water, the bicycle proves to be a great method of transportation.
an illustration in 'sewn scenarios' by titus castanza.



tucson, arizona  - 2007

transportation in fishtown - sewn scenarios



your door

san francisco, california - exploratorium - 2010

a patch from the book 'sewn scenarios'



'sewn scenarios' available today!

a book about the art i've made on my sewing tours.
(paperback and ebook)


all hands on deck

portland, oregon - alberta artwalk - 2010

'sewn scenarios' available tomorrow.


head over heels

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2008

this was a breakthrough piece. it wasn’t until i started sewing that i embraced drawing figures. after four years of sewing human faces, i was ready to sew the rest of the body. i envisioned making a crowd of people spiraling outward, but after sewing the first couple i was pleased by the simplicity of the design. i thought, “we wish we could bend this way.” the gesture in the woman’s hands, as if to offer or help, became a reoccurring metaphor for love. 

'sewn scenarios' book release november 1st.


the band

seattle, washington - bumbershoot - 2010

'sewn scenarios' launching in one week!


band of animals

san francisco, california - pillow series - 2012

from my book 'sewn scenarios'


pressure coconut

the gorge, washington - phish concert - 2009

when asked for a scenario, a lot of people don’t know how to respond. they want their scenario to be clever. they deliberate, over-think, and censor themselves. i like to reassure them that the five-words-or-less scenario is a collaborative process; i’m going to try my best to make any idea of theirs look as good as possible. i think it’s helpful to externalize even the smallest thought, so i encourage people to say the first thing that comes to mind. i push and prod them to not hesitate. it becomes like a speed match in the last seconds of a game show. 

a page from 'sewn scenarios'


sewing all the time 

tucson, arizona - kickstarter reward - 2012

 'sewn scenarios' a book about the patches i made while traveling the u.s., available november 1st.


talking circles

tucson, arizona - 2007

a patch from 'sewn scenarios'


plain speaking  

orrs island, maine - 2010

an excerpt from 'sewn scenarios'


have you ever sewn your finger?

tucson, arizona - 2013

a gentleman told me that in japan this question would be considered disrespectful, as if calling a master of his craft clumsy. a word of advice: potential danger arises at the instant you begin a stitch through layers of thick fabric. the needle can ‘jump,’ and may surprise you.
1 of the 260 pages from 'sewn scenarios'


teaspoon of galactic possibilities

oakland, california - mini maker faire - 2012

a patch from ‘sewn scenarios’ 


birth of a unicorn

pittsburgh, pennsylvania - mattress factory museum - 2012

a patch from my book ‘sewn scenarios’ 


the power of books

cleveland, ohio - artwalk - 2012


releasing burning love

tucson, arizona - open studio tour - 2007


held in the moment

tucson, arizona - 2014


video of sewing the ‘musical octopus

video of sewing the ‘unipus'  

squid & octopus patches

2004 - 2014

octopus with an umbrella, octopus on a tree with music, underwater octopus astronaut, eating calamari sushi, fire breathing octopus, octopus playing guitar, octopus’s garden, octopus gripping a school bus, cat crying for a dead squid, eating too much calamari, octopus playing drums, octopus dj, octopus eating a bike, mushroom squid, sleeping next to octopussy, two turntables and an octopus, octopus breaking out of an aquarium, unipus, octolottalipapus , squid nose, octopi race out of a jar, musical octopus, vigintipus with a flower, squid birthday party, and psychic loving octopus.

'fishtown's octolottalipapus' video


regurgitation patches

2006 - 2014

i think of the scenarios i sew as a kind of survey of people's thoughts across the u.s.. love is a common theme, or anything to do with bicycles, but i was surprised by the interest people have for vomit.

spewing a toxic blackness while smoking a cigarette is like a public service patch. on a more surreal side i’ve sewn: the sun and a bird vomiting rainbows, a spitting pumpkin, a unicorn regurgitating a magical rainbow (with sparkles), and throwing up on someone; which i unsuccessfully debated with the recipient to understand why they wanted such a patch made.

video of sewing the 'bird vomiting rainbow'



a minotaur with a broken tail holding a pineapple,
an anchored pirate ship, 

and a camel in the mountains with a seahorse

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

when someone asked for this all on one patch, i realized my creative process would benefit if i requested a simpler description. i began asking people for scenarios in five words or less. the limitation kept their concept short enough that i could interpret the scenario and still maintain my voice as an artist.



ocean debris

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009


flying with a sassy cat on my back

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009


cooking spicy food

san francisco, california - valencia street - 2013

cooking with my dad

pittsburg, pennsylvania, children’s museum - 2012



tucson, arizona - 2010

when i was nine years old my family took a winter vacation in florida. as tourists, we went the route across the historic seven mile bridge to spend a day at the beach. we split into three groups: my mom stayed at the shore; my father, sister, and brother ventured out into the sea; and i waded alone in the middle where my feet could still touch the bottom. in awe of the ocean i was disappointed to see (what i thought was) a bubble of pollution. i took it upon myself to be environmentally conscious and with my hand scooped up this floating iridescent blue mass. it was a man-of-war. the pain and burning was so intense that i lost all sense of focus. i must have been screaming. i was brought to the beach where people told my parents to pee on me, as urine was believed to weaken the venom (now proven to be harmful). i was in complete shock. i have a scattered recollection of being put in the car, but then found myself crawling out the window to be on the roof. between us and the hospital, i remember a combination of pain, heat, and being covered with gritty sand as we crossed what now felt like a seventy mile bridge. in the emergency room they put meat tenderizer on my hand to neutralize the poison (which is no longer considered effective). for days i was confined to the hotel, sitting on the bathroom floor soaking my hand in the bathtub. my mother accidentally grazed her hand on my wound, and even though it was days later she received a mild sting. (note: jellyfish and man-of-war are not the same species)


new belgium’s tour de fat

fort collins, colorado - tour de fat - 2012

in milwaukee someone asked if i was going to be at the tour de fat (t.d.f.): new belgium brewing company’s traveling show of bikes, beer, and bemusement. 

having attended one before, i realized how perfect it would be to sew there. as it turned out, the coordinator, who had heard about me from four different sources just that week, offered to bring me aboard. 

it felt like a tour of the cosmos with a host of carny antics and good spirited people. andrew (one of the crew) mooned us in a restaurant, security thought my van was a bomb, and while we lullabied kids to sleep with our guitars i learned the value of elizabeth cotten’s song ‘freight train.’ despite many offers for free beer i drank only one. i poured it myself from the tap at the new belgium brewery.

i sewed this piece during the three months i was traveling with the t.d.f. - what an amazing ride.


the thinking tree

san francisco, california - treasure island music festival - 2012


censored sex on the beach

san francisco, california - tour de fat - 2012


photograph from a train in china

china - 1995

my friend david d'alessio was in china traveling by train when he took this photograph. he was teaching english in xian when i came to visit. i found this photograph particularly mystifying. to me, it seemed like someone working in the field along side of a tombstone. i imagine the person was pensive, saddened by the loss of their partner, reminded daily of the death while he/she struggled to keep the harvest alive.


people parts

portland, oregon - 2013


octopi race out of a peanut jar

pittsburg, pennsylvania - children’s museum - 2011


two drawings done during the cyril barrett memorial

tucson, arizona - 9.14.2014



vigintipus with a flower

san francisco, california - maker faire - 2013


teenage years

mesa, arizona - 1983-1989

in high school i was a nerd. not the endearing kind that gets associated for being cute, but a naive nerd who put pens in the pocket, loved science, and had extremely limited social skills.

my friends were nerds too. we mocked the popular kids for being mindless followers and they heckled us for being goofy freaks. a few times we snuck fictitious awards and comments into the school’s morning announcements, which were heard over the intercom in every classroom. we were convinced the faculty would read just about anything, so we inserted a bit about the ‘international esteemed credit award for outstanding ability and exceptionally unique behavior above and beyond the merits of all other award trophies’ and how the math club had found the end of pi. i was called into the principals office for this, and though the math director stood there scolding my behavior, he did it with an amused smile.

i put art projects ahead of all my other studies, and worked on art before and after school. i liked to do meticulous pencil drawings with large portions of shading. but i began to feel like i was investing too much attention into a single drawing.
i realized i might want to try photography: to let the swiftness of printing a photograph permit more time to focus on composition.

when i got home i used to dissect anything electrical or make explosives. i loved the chemistry behind making things explode, but even with the help of the anarchist’s cookbook my brother and i never successfully made any big bombs. (always from afar and with an electric timer) we were able to ignite gasoline and created some large plumes of fire and smoke. 
i called my fascination with electronics ‘tinkering.’ it began as an attempt to increase the function of one of my toys and led to modifying flashlights and radios. i would kneel on the carpet surrounded by scattered wires, l.e.d.’s, speakers, and resistors.
as i salvaged through the pieces: taking things apart and soldering things together, the circumference of my work area expanded. 

one time i taped the phone to my head so i could talk with my friend and be hands free to tinker at the same time. 

the night before my older brother left for college, we sat on the bleachers at the school’s football field. we talked about random people and things. our conversation made me recognize how great my life was then: how i didn’t need a job or have to pay for food. i felt lucky to be a kid.

a few years later i went to college myself. my neighbors played in a band. i’d often go over to their apartment to try and play the drum set. learning drum beats felt very much like tinkering, but instead of with electrical parts it was like tinkering with how my brain worked.



portland, oregon - alberta artwalk - 2010


our inner galaxies touching infinity

pittsburg, pennsylvania - children’s museum - 2011


the three of us touching infinity

pittsburg, pennsylvania - children’s museum - 2011


elephant fate

san francisco, california - treasure island music festival - 2011

one of the coordinators for this festival related the coincidences with the number eleven during the birth of his child.


good morning sunshine

tempe, arizona - asu art museum - 2013

my legal name is ‘niemic,’ given to my ukrainian family when they came to ellis island. like many people with last names too difficult for english pronunciation, an americanized version was created during their induction to citizenship. unfortunately niemic is phonetically incorrect: people tend to say "n-EE-mick” and then promptly remark, "oh you're anemic." the kids in grade school thought this was particularly amusing.

understanding that this problematic last name was an arbitrary decision, i felt justified in changing it. as an artist i wanted a last name that retained the 'n' because i had been signing my art “pn” for years. the name also had to be short, easy to spell, and something people could pronounce without confusion. i was in paris, france 1994; standing over the seine river when i decided on ‘nosa.’

in retrospect, had i known sewing would become such a large part of my life, i would have chosen “naso,” or as some people have said, “sewsa.”


giving my heart

tucson, arizona - studio tour - 2011


lean on me

oakland, california - art murmur - 2012


the sun also rises

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009


true stories of a substitute teacher

tucson, arizona - 2014


dogs using sewing machines  -  VIDEOS:
tucson, arizona - 2012 to 2014

it just amazes me how adept these dogs are at sewing.
i made four videos of dogs sewing. sure, doots the dog knocked my sewing machine to the ground, mister rogers bunched up the bobbin thread, and sammy bit me;
but saki was not only able to sew, he positioned the solar panel and pedaled the bike to make electricity. 

now herzog is warming up to the sewing machine -
you can expect great things from herzog.


the powell street marina

emeryville, california

of all the parking spots in all my travels, nothing beats powell street. amidst the cluster of cars in the bay area, you will always find a level parking spot on powell. centrally located where the bay bridge meets the east bay, powell street juts westward to the marina, giving quiet serenity as well as a majestic view. among the boats and private clubs the street ends in a public park - shaded by trees, it’s a popular spot to look out at san francisco and the sea. 

everything i need is on powell street: a food store, a post office, my bank, trader joes, a bathroom, and running water. as well, i’ve never been worried about security with the emeryville police and fire department there too.

over the years i’ve parked on powell street for weeks at a time. it has been my east bay home address. i was there so often my friends randomly drove by to say hello.



road head

philadelphia folk festival  - 2011



band on the silverbus (with art)

tucson, arizona - university boulevard fair - 2006

my school bus is a great easel for displaying art. it is also where i’ve been living since the summer of 2000 (minus all the time i’ve been traveling in my van). i’ve made a donation box, a clothes rack, a candle holder, and an awning that all attach to the side of the bus. i built a platform on the roof that doubles as a rain water collector.

here on the deck is gavin troy playing guitar and celebrating the university boulevard fair, which coincidentally occurred at the same time as the 4th avenue street fair. 

the silverbus is a mobile music studio and venue. normally, two drum sets are bolted to the floor inside the bus and solar panels power a wall of amplifiers. 



rainbow unicorn

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

when asking children for a scenario, a majority of girls under the age of ten choose a rainbow unicorn. it has been requested so much the rainbow unicorn is now one of my stock patches.

i think of all the scenarios people have had me sew as a kind of national survey; these are the ideas that are circulating the country. 

based on this information i will soon be making a part-octopus part-jellyfish with piercing blue eyes, playing a burning banjo, riding a bicycle, surrounded by hearts, and being chased by a dog and a robot.



killers on the verge

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009


i’d rather stab you than work for you

pittsburg, pennsylvania - assemble - 2011


killing zombies

seattle, washington - fremont art market - 2009


suicide in a bar with his dog

san francisco, california - exploratorium - 2013

the girl who wanted this patch knew the guy who really did this.


p.nosa performing 'remember' (live)

tucson, arizona - 2014


laborer buried deep

milwaukee, wisconsin - summerfest - 2012

this is a particularly favorite patch of mine. 

after years of repeating sewing tour after tour i began asking, “why do anything?” 

“to stay alive,” said jesse roadkill wilson - an artist, musician, videographer, actress, sew-er, and carpenter with endless other talents.

i know a balance is essential in work, but a career has slid to become an ever insidious preoccupation. at times it feels like i’m only working to make my own grave. 

i have 47 sketchbooks (4700 drawings), 362 larger drawings, 63 paintings, 431 sewn pieces, and they all are pressed against each other in the darkness of a portfolio case. for many years making art was a private process. when i began substitute teaching i became accustomed to students watching me draw. i had no way of knowing that being observed like this was preparing me for sewing publicly. for the first time my art required accountability. since i started, i’ve sewn more than 10,000 patches for people. i like thinking how one of my patches is on a bag moving around the world. 

i am a combination of parts. for me, these artistic strokes, beats, strums, and stitches are each building and adding to a larger whole: how one step is essential to raise myself to the next. this insight is the hierarchy that keeps me patching and producing.


we’re happy inside

san francisco, california - 2012


bicycle doing tricks

tempe, arizona - tour de fat - 2013


deer in the bicycle headlights

tucson, arizona - open studio tour - 2009


bicycle from the heart

chicago, illinois - tour de fat - 2012


drumming in scotland

castle douglas, scotland - 1995

i had always wanted to play the drumset somewhere in nature. after graduating college i immediately went to paris. there i stayed at the shakespearian book company for one month and i met at least ten new people everyday. one guy luke, a talented scottish pianist, invited me to his parent’s estate. he compelled me to go by mentioning i could play his drumset - with the potential that his dad might give me a job. after a trip to amsterdam, jumping trains, getting kicked-off trains, and sleeping under bridges and bushes; i made it to castle douglas (the town near luke's house) and used my last thirty cents to call luke to pick me up. 

indeed i was able to play drums as often as i liked. his father paid me to build fences and paint rooms. while i was there i made two hand drums and drew in my sketchbook every night.

at the end of my three month stay, the family held their annual festival. i was asked to make a human maze in the trees using a wide roll of paper. during the event i brought the drumset out to the edge of the estate where it overlooked the atlantic ocean. we kept the kit set up all day and a number of people had a chance to play a drum solo.

for the finale of the festival the drums were brought to the main stage and a house “band” was assembled to play a few songs - one of which was ‘come together’ by the beatles. as the drummer, i counted ten people on stage and a few musicians standing in front of it - none of us had ever rehearsed together before. 


feeling hot and cold at the same time

los angeles, california - artwalk - 2010


dogs spooning

san francisco, california - corporate party - 2013


drumming & sewing - video

tucson, arizona - 2014

drumming has been highly influential in how i draw with a sewing machine. twenty years of focusing on timing and rhythm has carried over to sewing and helps me control the speed at which the foot pedal spins the motor, how fast i move the fabric, and the discipline to keep multiple parts in sync while still expressing myself. 

as well, the sewing machine has taught me things about drumming: how the steady sound of the needle can be like a drum roll, a deeper sense of repeating patterns, how forgotten habits can be relearned even stronger, and has brought another level of confidence. 

most importantly, drumming and the pursuit of music has taught me to listen. being open to the possibilities of sound releases any internal struggle. in sewing and making art, for me listening translates into recognizing what is happening in the moment over what i might have premeditated. i am always close to inserting an abstract design - at every instant i am ready to redefine my intention.  


my new horizon shirt

tucson, arizona - 2014

putting designs on shirts is what got me into sewing. i wanted to make functional art, but over time sewing on shirts felt very product oriented. i began to prefer the freedom and originality of sewing small patches from five-words-or-less scenarios.
recently i've been sewing on clothing again for the local boutique 'fed by threads.' i've been rethinking new designs for clothing. i wanted to do something simple that could also be versatile. the key was to create the images with one line by emphasizing unfinished elements. from one side of the shirt to the other, i can incorporate faces, abstract hills, a bicycle, and potentially anything else. 


camping with the van

portland, oregon - 2010

here was the one time i found the dream camping spot! unfortunately i doubt i would be able to find this location again. at first i drove north east out of portland and found a cold mountaintop area in the shadows of the trees. the mosquitos attacked me immediately. for i moment i considered staying in my van the whole time, but that was ridiculous. 

i ventured the opposite direction, and turned off onto some random dirt road. i studied the gps map and took a few screen shots of the area, as i figured i would probably lose the signal the deeper i went into the forest.

this campground was nearly ideal. hidden behind piles of gravel i saw no one, but one car driving by. i was close to a shooting range though. the gunshots were a bit loud, but that was ok - i had brought a mini drum kit. i set all my equipment up: the sewing machine, the solar panel, the bicycle generator, the drums, and my guitar with a battery powered amplifier. i hopped between activities and had my own party in the wilderness.


spoon bender

san francisco, california - 2012


pig eating human

tucson, arizona - fed by threads - 2014

would you eat meat if you had to kill the animal?

this was the discussion in the clothing boutique ‘fed by threads’ with the owner, alok appadurai. to increase recognition of the life being consumed, alok was describing a dinner in which the people attending would take a pig from: walking through the door (petting it’s cute head) to putting it’s meat on their plates. 


here we belong

tucson, arizona - 2014

the first time chris stevens and i played music together, our mutual desire to listen to one another allowed me to express my full musical vocabulary. this was in 1997. we were also housemates who, over time, were brought to the edge of being bitter enemies to becoming close as brothers. 

when i acquired a school bus, painted it silver, and began performing on the main streets of tucson; chris stepped up as the keyboardist, lead singer, guitarist, and bass player. our friend, the ever dependable adam higgins balanced the band. on the “silverbus” we were each multi-instrumentalists who had to adapt to whatever the evening evoked. most nights we performed from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. - we’ve played a lot of music together. 

with ‘live living’ and ‘here we belong’ (which can be heard and downloaded for free on this website) we’ve been collaborating on recording songs in the studio. ‘here we belong’ is intended to be a blues/electric tune with real drums. the lyrics were inspired from the silverbus performances.



you’re in my heart

san francisco, california - 2012


bicycle sewing machine on the moon

oakland, california - the crucible - 2013

my interviews have had a way of misleading the public. it is my opinion that young writers have a tendency to include predisposed ideas regardless of the answers i provide. they describe what i do with convoluted metaphors rather than using simple comprehensive language.

i say, “five words or less” and they write, “verbal essays transcending the mind.” i tell them i’m traveling the country sewing people’s imagination and they reiterate that i’m, “a wandering soul illuminating people’s dreams.” i describe my sewing machine powered by a bicycle electric generator and it becomes, “a bicycle sewing machine.” this is the patch i made for a writer after we discussed the published interview.

one interview was unexpectedly helpful.
i had always thought of my eyes as being hazel, green, or gray; i had never considered them blue until this article.
the opening line read, “bright blue-eyed p.nosa sews your story...”
it was printed in the monthly tucson paper at the same time i obtaining a street merchant license through the city. as a business the last part of the process was linking my artist name ‘nosa’ to a bank account. the bank required a photo i.d. of p.nosa, and niemic not nosa is the name on my driver’s license.

my legal name is ‘niemic’, given to my ukrainian family when they came to ellis island. niemic is phonetically incorrect and people pronounce it "n-ee-mick,” and then they promptly say, " oh you're anemic." the kids in grade school thought this was particularly amusing. as an artist i needed a name that retained the 'N' because i had been signing my art 'PN' for years. i also wanted a name that was easy to spell and pronounce. i decided on ‘nosa’ when i was in paris, france 1995.

fortunately the blue-eyed article contained a photograph. in combination: the photo in the paper and merchant license (with the name p.nosa) were credentials enough for the bank to add nosa to my account. when the bank teller look directly into my eyes for confirmation and saw they were green, she did hesitate by the contradiction.


space for a garden

san francisco, california - treasure island music festival - 2012


band on a bicycle cart

tucson, arizona - club crawl - 1998

building a large bicycle cart was my way to avoid ever needing to buy a car. i’ve used the cart to move my art, lumber, fabric, a refrigerator, people, and converted it into a mobile sewing boutique.

my friend david and i thought it would be a good idea to put my drum kit on the cart, use battery powered amplifiers, and move through the crowded streets of club crawl. it’s an evening when fifty or more bands perform at a variety of local venues. most musicians only play for forty-five minutes, and a lot of people can’t see all the performances because the time it takes to walk between venues. on the cart, we could play all night and be seen by everyone.



shark loves robot

san francisco, california - corporate party - 2013


mexican panda bicycle

milwaukee, wisconsin - block party - 2012

in seattle, i sewed at three different places on the same day: the madison food co-op, pike’s place market, and a sustainability dinner. 

at the “mad-mar” (as the locals call it) i saw an old lover, met my close friend eric’s childhood buddy, i was invited to a party, and i was told about a sustainability dinner where a solar powered sewing machine would be a hit. 

i was determined to try and sew at a popular tourist destination. pike’s place was ridiculous: the only parking close enough was paid parking - of course i was alone so being dropped off wasn’t an option. i was lucky to find a nearby and level parking spot. i paid the two hour meter at the last possible moment before i carted my sewing machine into the crowds of shoppers. i learned that tourists are not my customers. with all my equipment, i had to carefully time my return, which coincided exactly when a police officer noticed me. he did nothing because it was clear i was packing my things.

the sustainability dinner was a casual event with close to 500 people - attended by farmers and restaurant owners. the mayor gave a talk after the salmon was served and i was on my second glass of wine. i almost didn’t go into the dinner. tickets were a bit expensive and i was ready to go to a party. i had packed up and was sitting in the van ready to leave when a girl came to my window and asked if i was the sewing guy. she said her friend couldn’t make it and she had an extra ticket that she wanted to give me.

in the end i made about $250 that day, still it was too much work to set up and tear down three times in ten hours. 

i never wanted to work another multiple location day again, but i had so many invitations in milwaukee. i sewed at an art market in the morning. i met a guy who bought a piano on fire patch, and paid me entirely with dollar bills from his tips as a performer. we realized we had mutual tucson friends and he a gave me a full access pass to work at summerfest. i quickly darted off at 1 p.m. to sew at an annual block party. this was probably the most relaxed event i’ve ever worked. i even drank some beer, which i never do because of the separation time it causes with my sewing machine. people were into the sewing. i met some genuine personalities at this milwaukee party.

when sewing a five words or less scenario, representing a country within a surreal design had always been a challenge. it was the ‘mexican panda bicycle’ that taught me how the colors of flags could be an effective method to incorporate the country.


a little help

san francisco, california - boardwalk - 2013


leopard bicycle (on fire)

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009



people often say that i must be really good at etch-a-sketch, but no, i am not. i understand the connection to sewing, as i prefer to sew a design using a single continuous line. i find this method has a cleaner result, cutting the thread can cause imperfections in my intended image. 

but drawing with a needle works by moving the fabric in an intuitive direction - it’s a hands-on experience. the etch-a-sketch is controlled with those dials: and no matter how much i try, i never know which knob controls the up and down or left or right. so i am terrible with an etch-a-sketch.

using a keychain sized version of the gadget i made this anti-etch-a-sketch sign to stop the comparison to drawing with a sewing machine. it hasn’t worked.


love everywhere forever

venice beach, california boardwalk - 2007

the first week i sewed on the boardwalk, a girl asked me to sew this fairly complicated design. she wanted to know how much it would cost as she began counting the 37¢ change in her pocket. this was before i made custom patches. i was still learning and rationalized that sewing was ultimately a business. i told her i could not make the patch.

as the summer progressed and i became open to accepting donations, i decided to make her patch for free. unfortunately i could not find her. i carried the patch for weeks in hopes of seeing her. without the ‘s’ & ‘p’ and the infinity symbol, 

i learned this was a universal squatter’s sign. i began making my own design when i realized my sewing made the arrows look like hearts.



hibernating acorn

seattle, washington - fremont art market - 2009

i was visiting my friend in seattle and and we went to get coffee. we unexpectedly walked into an open mic night. we looked at each other grimly, half inclined to leave, but two female musicians were ready to perform so we decided to stay.

surprisingly they sounded great: a singer/guitarist and a violinist. their songs were melodic and heart wrenchingly sweet. we were about to leave when i had an idea. i knew my friend and her four roommates were moving out and having a farewell party. i thought it would be great if the two girls wanted to perform that night. my friend agreed that i should ask.

i introduced myself to the two girls and they seemed excited to play at the party. i explained my sewing tours and invited them to the art market that weekend. when they showed up the lead singer asked for this patch. 

their performance at the party was tremendous. i recorded the show and quickly made a cd of their set. they didn’t have a name for their band yet, so with a lack of a better title, i called them ‘hibernating acorn.’


playing a songless set

ching-dao, china - train station - 1995

as a foreigner i was surprised how curious the chinese were with anything i did - maybe because i was at least a foot taller than them, carried a guitar, and had long dreadlocks. one night, as i nestled-in with everyone else at the train station plaza, i took out my sketchbook to draw. about fifteen minutes into my drawing i noticed someone standing nearby. i looked up from my sketchbook, and twelve men behind me were all staring at what i was doing. i waved hello and continued to draw. 

the next day while i was waiting for my friends to arrive, i felt it was a good time to try and play this twenty dollar classical guitar i had purchased locally. i took the guitar out of the duffle bag and decided to take a moment to have a cigarette (smoking being something i only did in my naive youthful travels). i didn’t really know how to tune the guitar, let alone play it. before i finished smoking, a crowd of more than fifty people had amassed around me ready to watch me perform. 

i whispered to the person next to me that i didn’t know what i was doing, it was clear from her response that she didn’t speak english. i began “playing” and very quickly i broke through the language barrier; people began to walk away - i imagine disappointed.


content with sleeping near trains

tucson, arizona - 2014

it’s hard to admit, but i make the best patches for girls.

“what can i sew for you,” had become my line. it’s not what i set out to do, but i’m bound to meet a girl when i’m sewing in public.

when i look through the photos of my old patches, the ones with embellished details or multiple colors were all for the girls i liked. i have a semi-strict code of not asking-out customers, so as a self justifying work around i’ll likely just gift her the patch. i did once or twice date a customer, which amounted into years of struggle. how redundant the scenario: traveling artist leaves.

a cowboy once told me: if you want to meet a girl, don’t look for her in a big city, go to a small town. there, the girls are hoping to find an adventure. 

this sleeping near trains patch was for a girl who had never seen me sew. her front door opened directly to the train tracks. the horn shook our wine glasses. she seemed alright with the proximity, it made me think, to her the sound was like music.


a bad interview

eau claire, wisconsin - artwalk -2012


listening opens the mind to love

san francisco, california - corporate party - 2013


duck eating a solar system

tucson, arizona - co-op - 2008

every friday i used to set up and sew outside the food co-op on the main avenue in tucson. the store allowed me a weekly gig and it inspired me to later seek out other food co-ops along my travels.

sewing on the streets in my home town gave me a chance to know the faces i had seen in passing as well as show my art.

one such person was rudy. he was a high school student when i was a substitute teacher. rudy was more like a relaxed adult than a disoriented teenager. it was years after he had graduated when he saw me sewing. his demeanor was still just as timeless. this was the scenario he asked for.


sewing by the ocean

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

vending on venice beach is one of the more taxing locations. on the positive side: it is consistent - thousands of people stroll the boardwalk everyday, it costs nothing to be there, and all i needed to feel a sense of bliss was to look to the sea. on the downside: it’s chaotic, you are surrounded by multiple music sources all at high volumes, the $1 pizza slice guy is standing 5 feet from your ear telling people about the deal every 15 second, it can be difficult to get a spot to work (thanks to the self entitled ‘boardwalk mafia’, and not all the people are of the highest caliber.

with my portable sewing machine i make art while simultaneously selling art. i had been working on the boardwalk for a six weeks, and it was time for a break. i set up on the sand and enjoyed a day at the beach. 

i had been developing a new technique of filling the thread into my designs and used the day to make eleven new pieces.


watch dog

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

i wasn’t trying to copy from ‘the phantom tollbooth.’

my mother used to read the story to me as a child, but i had completely forgotten ‘tock’ the watchdog.

while on venice beach, i was searching for new patch ideas and this pun seemed remarkably perfect. about a week after sewing it, someone made a comment that made me realize my subconscious had stolen the idea.


two headed giraffe with a red balloon

orrs island, maine - 2010

in two days nonstop i drove from chicago to a remote island in the state of maine to see a girl. my immune system was certainly taxed by drinking nothing but energy drinks and eating cookies. she was visiting her parents and they welcomed me with breakfast and lobster for dinner. her father was something of an artist himself, and she said he was jealous of my traveling lifestyle. she and i laughed and spooned like lovers, but it was unrequited love.

i was in her childhood home and her early art hung throughout the house. her giraffe drawing had an inspiring impression.


falling from a fire escape

cleveland, ohio - artwalk - 2012


wristband wallets

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

it was the sun that motivated me to make wristbands. i noticed how anyone who stayed on the boardwalk long enough had skin that took on a leathery brown texture. i was not going to allow that to happen to me. i had an umbrella, wore a hat, a long sleeve shirt, and searched extensively for fingerless gloves that would block the rays of the sun.

but i noticed that the gap between the shirt and the gloves was a vulnerable spot and slowly my wrists were tanning. with a bit of denim and velcro i fashioned my first pair of cuffs. i was so proud.

soon i realized that not only did they protect me from the sun, but they also kept me warm during the cold nights by the sea. i never took them off.

i wore the original pair for almost a year before the edges became frayed and raggedy. this helped demonstrate that my sewn design could outlast the fabric. the next set of cuffs featured embroidered edges to resist the elements. i put a pocket in the third incarnation to function as a wallet. i still wear them faithfully everyday. i’m on my fifth generation with a sixth in the wings. 

people constantly tell me to market my wristbands. but when, for the same price, i sell a patch that takes five minutes to make versus a product that demands different sizes and is far more difficult to assemble - i reserve my wristbands for select individuals only.




phoenix, arizona - house party - 1992

the band ‘starcrünch’ performing at a house party.


mike salkowski - guitar and vocals
jason furedy - bass
p.nosa - drums
mike taubassi - manager


fishtown’s octolottalipapus

tucson, arizona - 2006

fishtown is filled with sea life and humans affected by a mixture of toxic waste leaked from underwater pipes, oil spills, and rising radiation levels in the ocean. the lives of fishtown are in peril.

one of the inhabitants, octolottalipapus is part octopus and part human. with so many tentacles his voice is garbled and easily misunderstood.



jacqueline suskin - poem store

seattle, washington - block party - 2009

jackie and i both ask for people’s words: she writes a poem and i sew a patch. we’ve worked beside each other at a number of events, often without even planning it. one summer we went around seattle and set up at neighborhood block parties. here is a link to her website:


the good weather patch

san francisco, california - treasure island flea market - 2011

this woman was having a bad day. it was windy and sprinkles of rain were beginning to fall. she complained to her daughter as if the rain was an affront to her already frustrating day. i offered to sew them a scenario, but from her puzzled response i imagined a design that might pull her from distress. 



hammer time

santa cruz, california - boardwalk - 2013

there are things i can learn about someone in four seconds that online dating will never reveal.

i knew this.

but after thirteen months of traveling the country alone i decided to give internet romance another attempt. this time i met a girl who also sold art at various events and festivals. it was seemingly perfect. the exchange of letters only deepened my feelings. after a month of courting i was on my way to santa cruz to meet my potential future girlfriend.

she looked just like i imagined. i tucked a bottle of red wine in my bag and we went off on our first date. i should have known something was off when she couldn’t find a four leaf clover that she swore existed, or the larger than life crane tattoo that extended the full length of her body. though i assumed after all this time she was single, i felt some clarification was needed. to my surprise she was indeed dating someone and was only using a dating website to meet “new friends.” maybe i was being overly sensitive, but i felt that information should have come sooner. 

two weeks later in berkeley, when i saw “hammer time” graffitied on a stop sign, an image beamed into my head that embodied my bruised emotions.



worst night of my life

pennsylvania - 2012 

in between sewing events, while driving to the next town, i was always looking for the ideal place to camp in the forest. finding this spot in nature proved much harder than i imagined; every backroad became someone's driveway, had a no trespassing sign, and the paid campsites were asking for forty dollars or more per night.

with a museum gig in pittsburgh just two days away, i used google map-view and thought i had finally found the spot. following a dirt road so narrow that the bushes scrapped the sides of the van, i found a space nestled under the trees.

that day in my delight i recorded a song, but soon discovered the nearby lake was an incubator for mosquitos. i retreated to the van and watched hundreds of baby mosquitos hover outside my window. around 3 o'clock all-terrain-cycles (atc's) began buzzing around the area and kids began playing in the field. my secluded nature spot was not at all what i had hoped.

i took a nap and stayed until nightfall. remaining there any longer seemed pointless, the van was clearly out of place, and i was concerned about someone calling the police. on my way driving out in the darkness i misjudged the deep tire-grooves that the atc's had put into the road. the passenger side wheels went downward until the bottom of the van was stuck touching the ground. the van was thoroughly lodged. immediately i jumped out to assess what had happened. i missed my footing and sprained my ankle. i wondered how i was going to get out of this predicament.

i devised a plan to use my car jack to lift the van out of the groove. when i opened the back door a spider tried to crawl into the van. i looked down at the ground to see spiders and centipedes everywhere. it sent a chill down to my new found phobia of spiders.

using the jack, i tried lifting the van in a variety of positions without success. it required more effort than i expected - i needed a better plan to utilize my strength. i remembered seeing a thick log down where i was camping, i thought if i could just get it under the rear wheel perhaps i would be able to reverse the van out. i hobbled on my sprained ankle and dragged the log into position. the jack resisted lifting the van and i couldn't get the wheel high enough to slide the log under the tire. for the next four hours i experimented with: moving and adding boulders to raise the jack, crawling on the ground under the van, digging out a hole (with a hammer), as well as scouting a quarter mile away to find a railroad tie.

at 4 a.m. the jack broke and the van came crashing down. i had stripped its main lifting bolt and now the jack was completely useless. i resorted to making phone calls for a tow truck. one operator i talked to was 2000 miles away in florida dispatching tow trucks in my area - an initial $350 credit card fee was necessary and that concluded our conversation. the only other person awake told me he wouldn't come until daylight and it would cost, "at least $250, but probably a lot more." i decided there had to be another option.

i used my bike, went a few miles to a 24 hour walmart, and bought two kinds of jacks. as i was biking back to the van the sun was beginning to come up. i couldn't help but smile and laugh a little on how ridiculous the whole night had been.

i had time to form my new plan: using my bike, i wheeled two more railroad ties and another boulder to the van. precariously balancing the jack on three boulders and a railroad tie i was finally able to lift the wheel high enough to put a tie under it. success! now that the van was at a new height, the second jack became necessary to remove the first jack. i lifted the front of the van and the second tie slide easily under the front wheel. i added the third tie between the two wheels and threw the log into the gaps on the side for good measure. i carefully estimated how far i needed to pull forward before turing the wheels, and at 8:30 a.m. i was free.


the barking spider bites

cleveland, ohio - artwalk - 2012

i never had a fear of spiders until i experienced being bitten. what first appeared to be a scratchy bump on my elbow soon developed into the clear markings of a spider bite. it wasn't from a brown recluse, but it wasn't pretty. 

my unsuccessful show at the new york art expo left the van full of my unsold framed art. as i was traveling and sleeping in the van, the art took up half of my bed. cold weather forced me to bundle into two sleeping bags: i didn't have a lot of space to move. a wriggling motion was required to position myself on the mattress. it was especially difficult with the use of only one arm. without fail, every night i smacked the exact spot of my spider bite on the corners of my art.

i deduced that during the four days my art was hanging on the walls at art expo, a spider must have made one of my pieces its home. i was in such a rush to wrap up the art after the event, the spider probably hid deeper in the cracks of the framing. i unwittingly trapped a spider in the van.

a few weeks later, a night when i was driving across the country towards seattle, i was startled by a huge spider crawling on the ceiling above me. in a flash, still driving straight at eighty miles per hour, i grabbed some paper and managed to kill it. later with my magnifying glass i identified the corpse as a wolf spider.


monkey using a sewing machine

san francisco, california - corporate party - 2013


things people say or ask when i'm drawing with a sewing machine:
(with select answers)

"are you just doing that?" yes

"is that all thread?" yes

"are you using a computer?" no

“do you draw?” yes

"do you draw the design on the fabric first?" no

"what got you into sewing?" i wanted to make functional art

"who taught you how to sew?" i'm self taught 

"when did you start sewing?" i began in 2004

"what kind of sewing machine is this?" the singer cg-590

"is that a sewing machine?"

"can you sew?"

"so you're like a weaver?"

"what are these?" patches or mini canvases 

"are these patches?" yes

"oh! there's pages" my display is like a large book

"how much are they?" a price menu is available

"what's a scenario?"

"you're really creative."

"you must be really patient.”

"how long does it take?" 40 years or 5 minutes depending

"can you fix my pants?" i'm an artist not a tailor

"do you ever stick the needle through your finger?" no

"you must be really good at etch-a-sketch" no i am not

"my grandmother has a sewing machine" or "i have my mother's sewing machine, i don't know how to use it, and it sits in the closet"

"if someone else were to try and draw with a sewing machine, would it look any different?"

"are you here all the time?" no

"what do you use electricity for?"

"where's the solar panel?" right here

(when sewing at night) "where's the solar panel?"

"is it really solar powered? really?"

"how big is your solar panel?" i use a 50 watt panel

"do you use a battery?" yes

"how long can you sew for?" as long as i want

"can you pull this with your bicycle?" yes

"does the bicycle make electricity?" yes

"did you build this?" yes


fire breathing octopus

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2009

several steps went into completing this patch. it’s one of my favorites,
and i’m using it as the cover for my book ‘sewn scenarios.’

i was trying to work in venice beach. the ever changing policies to set up on the boardwalk had decreed that a space (a square) to vend was available to the first person who arrived at 9 a.m. that day. unfortunately the boardwalk mafia paid the homeless to sleep on multiple squares. one homeless man would occupy fifteen squares. the only way i could circumvent this travesty was to sleep on a square myself. i did this twice for one weekend.

both nights were uncomfortable and dirty - i barely slept. all night obstacles and intrusions presented themselves: mice scurried for food, intermittent water sprinklers created puddles underneath my sleeping bag, and there was always a potential thug intoxicated and lurking by.

it was in a precarious half dream state that an octopus glaring it’s teeth with menacing tentacles popped into my head. i have to credit my friend’s children for inspiring this image. they had asked me to sew a sea monster with big teeth. the original octopus was black and white, but a few months later in san francisco, a girl wanted me to sew a vampire squid known for their red skin and brilliant blue eyes - the color scheme worked. in seattle, at the music festival ‘bumbershoot,’ i began adding the fire breathing to increase the octopus’s menacing demeanor.

A night on the Venice Beach boardwalk - 2006


surfing through cactus

san mateo, california - maker faire - 2010


team turtle protector

venice beach, california - boardwalk - 2013

the turtles in the caribbean were/are in danger of being poached. fortunately a man came in to protect the turtles. he and a small team keep the hunters away. 

a girl from the the team asked for this patch. i thought they needed jumpsuit uniforms.



the future is unfinished 

tucson, arizona - 2014


real phone vs. art phone

tucson, arizona - 1998


yes yes

tucson, arizona - 2014

after a 3 a.m. accident where a drunk driver hit my friend’s parked car, we were standing around this light pole when my friend mentioned how he always wanted to do something with this piece of wood on the ground. 

the next day i made this sign.